Data Engineering


  • Data pipelines with integrated ETL - AWS Glue, Airflow, Prefect, Shell, Python, SQL, dbt
  • Custom pipelines utilizing Python, SQL, Shell and AWS
  • Measurement Planning - establishing KPIS, objectives and goals

Data Visualization


  • Dashboards built with custom Python, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI and others.
  • Full Cycle Strategy: Identifying KPIs and objectives, normalizing and aggregating data, reporting and visual building

Data Analysis

  • Web performance and SEO analysis
  • Ad-hoc (regression, time of day, user behavior and others)
  • A|B testing using Google Optimize

Google Analytics Configuration

  • Google Tag Manager setup and custom tags (click tracking, logged-in experience, ecommerce)
  • Google Analytics - custom dimensions, reports, troubleshooting and goal setting

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