Data Engineering


Client 1: Building Data Pipelines with Matillion for Redshift  

I worked with this client, a labor union, to identify process inefficiencies in the current state of program ROI analysis and became immersed in their data models. AWS Redshift (database), Matillion (ETL) and Power BI (visualization) were recommended based on the client’s needs. Within the data transformation software, we implemented automatic data workflows to ingest flat files, aggregate and calculate tables and lastly load cleansed data into Redshift. Power BI was used to pull from the cleansed data tables. ROI, among other metrics, were displayed through various visualizations


Manual aggregation and edits to millions of union employee payroll files and program enrollment files that previously took months to output a useful analysis 


Automated process established to extract, load, transform and visualize large volumes of data within days 


Increased bargaining power for funds based on fast, digestible and accurate ROI metrics

Sample: GUI flow, written in SQL

Client 2: Building Data Pipelines with CIVIS for Redshift, integrated ETL

I worked with this client to provide senior leadership with fast, fresh, accessible data visualizations. The first phase of the project began with establishing data models that would be used to inform data collection requirements. The next phase was to build automated pipelines to ingest the established data from various sources, including Drupal and Google Analytics. This data was then transformed via CIVIS workflows and lastly loaded into a Redshift database cluster. The final phase of the project was to build Tableau dashboards using cleansed data tables.


This client works to safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. The client's editorial content, published by a variety of author's covering different topics is crucial to the success of this mission. Performance data from editorial content was hard to aggregate, slow to update and difficult to adapt to new data sources. 


Data pipelines to consolidate and join data sources using the CIVIS platform. Tableau dashboards, sourced from CIVIS to quickly display and pivot large volumes of web performance data


Data backed decisions executed within days instead of weeks, reducing admin time and ultimately improving the user experience

Sample: YAML workflow

Client 3: Digital Strategy Transformation - Preparing for the Future

We worked with this client to look broadly at the opportunities afforded by proven and emerging digital and data trends, and apply them directly to their goals and stakeholder needs. We created a custom roadmap to guide the development of their data infrastructure, defined a measurement plan that ties investments to organizational goals, and designed feedback loops. Established feedback systems ensure ongoing input from the people that the program serves and fuels refinement of the strategy and ecosystem over time. 


Facing declining participation rates, the client's program needed to increase the value of the client experience and the sustainability of their program operations at the State and local levels.


A roadmap for digital transformation that places clients at the center of the client's digital ecosystem—while also optimizing for administrative efficiency and keeping an eye towards sustainable and scalable growth. 


Clear path forward to increasing focus on clients, and becoming a more nimble organization.

Sample: Digital Ecosystem

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